How to plan your next Successful Social Media Campaign?

How to plan your next Successful Social Media Campaign?
If your company or business uses social media (which is very vital to do) and you are planning on running your next social media campaign the below tips will help create a well organized plan so you can kick hard your competitions. Don’t wait to the last minute instead start planning NOW.
1. Start with a summary of your Current social media channels position
State your current performance and activities in terms of followers, reach, engagement and growth? What techniques/ads/promotions were performing well and successful, gains and losses? Which promotions were particularly successful?  Do compare your performance with your computers as well. Just give an overview to know where you currently stand at. 
2. Check on your competitors

By spying your competitors you can set your benchmark for your own campaigns, you may even copy your competitor’s successful model and you may be able to do it even better by tweaking the idea for the better. 
3. Dissect your Plan and Goals
In order to maintain your plans stick to a long term strategy while dividing your plan into yearly, quarterly and monthly goals. 
4. Set SMART and Measurable Goals
 The name of the game, your goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound, this way your goals can be tracked and measured which will help you define your level of success, and their ultimate return on investment (ROI). 
5. Make an editorial calendar
Very important tip, by creating a well-planned editorial calendar you can plan ahead for all your upcoming events and posts and you will not be missing days of inactivity on your social media channels. 
6. Have a backup plan
Even though you have a great plan, something might occurs that can take you out of your plan and schedule.  Plan and have more content than you what you think you need for such situation. 
7. Post more visual content

 A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content has been the most interactive content on social media channels.  Visual content can give more attention to your brand than text based content. Plan your visual content ahead of time as well so when you are ready to launch your campaign you don’t have to outsource them or wait for your content to be designed. Visual content can be: Infographics, charts, videos and images. 
8. Track and measure your social media campaign
Make sure your campaigns are all tractable. By tracking your campaign you can measure your Return on Investment (ROI) which will lead you to know what works best and what failed?  So make sure to use every possible tracking tool.  Track your website URLs, use hashtags, your facebook ads and apps.